Idesign my therapeutic work to the exact wants and needs of each of my clients. While my therapeutic interventions may change based on your specific needs, my guiding principles are always the same—place myself in the shoes of my client, with their frustrations, sadness, anger and, at times torment and shame. While the content of our stories is frequently different, our reactions to them are frequently similar—that is a thread that connects us to others.

I create an environment where you want to share your story—your hopes, disappointments, hurts, triumphs, failures, and for too many of us, trauma. It is within this secure space that you will feel an increasing capacity to feel, experience, laugh, forgive and most of all, develop a true love for yourself that will enable you to define and achieve your career and relationship goals.

Many of my clients have said, ‘no one has understood me like you do.’ ‘Getting it’ is what I do best. It is immediately therapeutic—you will feel relieved, lighter, and you will encounter a sense of hope that has been elusive for far too long.

I look forward to ‘getting’ your situation and helping you work through it to a positive path.